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Satin Pillowcase fans Have Weighed In

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"Got a total of 4 sets of pillow cases. Whenever someone sleeps over, I put one on their pillow and if they LOVE it like i do, I gave them a pair!!!"

"GLOSS 48! WHY WE LOVE Morning glamour; We found ourselves fighting over the "good pillow" with our male counterparts! And guess what? Our hair was significantly less disastrous in the morning and our faces complelety crease-free!"

"GREAT FOR CURLY HAIR! I bought these pillowcases to protect my fine curly hair and reduce frizz.They have been wonderful. Soft and silky and they wash great!"

"LOVE THEM! These are my favourite pillowcase, and I've ordered 3 packs so far! They are cool on your face at night, and satin/silk keeps skin from wrinkling in the long run, and also keeps your hair from looking crazy in the mornings."

"I am very happy with this purchase. Very cute, easy to wash and dry (I was pleasantly surprised that they don't have to be line dried and definitely satiny.)"