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January 26, 2017

Gift Sets For Your Valentine

satin pillowcase gift set

Valentine’s Day is on the way, and with the holidays it is the time to get your special lover the right gift to surprise them with. If they are always concerned about their hair, skin and sleep, then a proper gift set might be the best thing that they could imagine getting. Our gift set selection features an ideal set of options for anyone’s desiring cosmetic rejuvenation. Our satin pillowcases carry a smooth texture prevents hair breakage and uncomfortable entanglements. The satin also keeps the skin moist and wrinkle-free. Each of our options features various benefits to choose from. Just remember to buy with your partner’s taste in mind.

There are two main departments for our gift set catalog; the regular gift set and the two-pack set:

Regular Set (each with a pillowcase and pillow mist):

Each of the Morning Glamour Gift-sets feature one standard Satin Pillowcase and one 4oz Lavender Chamomile pillow mist spray product. The pillowcase is made from 100% polyester satin. It is machine washable and tumble dry. It fits a pillowcase of about 20” x 26”. The Pillow mist’s Lavender and Chamomile essential oils relax you with an aromatic pleasure as you sleep. It enhances your sleep pattern with continued use, which will certainly make your lover even more thankful. All four regular gift sets are identical, except for the color of the pillowcase, which comes in Ivory, Leopard, Pink, and Silver. Time to test your knowledge of how well you know your partner by guessing which color is their favorite.

Signature 2 Pack Box Bundles (with Makeup bag/Travel bag):

Our signature 2 pack bundles are best of both worlds when you are unsure of which colored pillowcase to choose from. The colors for each option are Silver/Gold, Black/Dot, and Ivory/Leopard. Not only do these pillowcases come in a variety of colors, they also provide practical composure with the pillow-flap. This prevents the pillowcase from moving around during sleep, so that your partner can rest easy without the pillowcase falling off. As suggested in the title, each option comes complete with a travel bag and make-up bag. Each pillowcase is made with 100% satin charmeuse polyester, and are 20” x 26”.

For more product options outside of our gift set catalog, be sure to check out pour shop for more Valentine’s Day ideas.

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