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January 12, 2017

Product Spotlight: King Sized Singles

King Sized Bed in Hotel/Apartment

Everyone, especially couples see their bed as their special spot for comfort and security. Well here at Morning Glamour, we are all about providing the best possible comfort to match your sleeping circumstances. As another product spotlight, we would like to talk about the capabilities of a king-sized type of satin pillowcase for skin care. Each of the pillowcases holds up to our rejuvenation standards while coming in multiple color choices. The only problem you’ll face is deciding which color to pick with your partner.


Product Specifications

We carry 4 different colors in our king-sized pillowcase catalog. These include Black, Silver, Pink, and Ivory. Each of our King-sized single pillowcases features a stay-put pocket flap. This pocket flap is a useful tool for making sure that the fabric does not move out of place on the pillow. Now you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night in order to have to readjust the pillowcase back to its original spot. They are each 20″ x 36″ and the dimensions of each pillow are 1 x 1 x 0.003 in. Not only that, but the pillowcases are also 100% satin charmeuse polyester, which offers loads of benefits for your skin and hair.


Benefits of the Materials

As for satin fabric, each pillowcase is a goldmine of rejuvenation power. Since satin is non-absorbent, you won’t ever have to worry about dry skin in the morning. Any moisturizer you put on before bed will be free to work on your face, rather than your pillowcase. The material is also great for keeping your face cool, as well as considerably fewer allergies due to the lack of irritating chemicals. Not only will you wake up feeling happy and healthy, but will also look the same since these pillowcases help reduce wrinkles, protect eyelashes, and maintain healthy hair. We also offer pillow mist to further enhance your sleep when using any satin pillowcase for skin and hair rejuvenation.


With all of these benefits, there is no reason to think that you have to settle for a lesser, annoyingly uncomfortable pillowcase. Give yourself and your partner the sleep you both deserve and contact Morning Glamour for any king-sized satin pillowcase for skin and hair care.

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